Clymb - User Guide

What is the Clymb?

Clymb is an iOS App that helps you break-down your projects, goals and challenges into small doable tasks or steps. And, execute them.

Click here to watch a video of the app in action.

Please follow this link to download the Clymb app from the App Store. If you've already installed it, thank you for trying it out!

Clymb app has a 7-day-free-trial, during which you can add, edit, and delete as many projects as you like. All projects created during the free-trial-period will remain free forever.

Note: You won't be able to add or edit projects after the free-trial-period.

If you require any further assitance in addition to this free user guide, feel free to email us at

App Features

  • Create or join projects, goals, or Challenges.
  • Set-up tasks and sub-tasks. Set end dates.
  • Edit, re-order, or delete tasks (or end dates) as needed.
  • Invite and add team members to your project.
  • Set-up rewards on completion of the project.
  • Update daily progress for each task or sub-task. Mark tasks as complete when done.
  • Group-chat with project team.
  • Use all app functionalities even when you're offline!

Create your first project

Project Setup

  1. On the welcome screen (project-list dashboard), click on Get Started.
  2. Give your project a code name. Ex: Project Mayhem

    Tip: New projects are randomly color-coded for identification. If you don't like the color assigned to the project, just go back to the project-list dashboard and click on Get Started again. Repeat if needed.

  3. Set-up the main goal of the project. What do you want to achieve when the project is done?
  4. Click on Add task to add necessary steps to achieve your goal. Click on symbol next to each step to add sub-steps. Click on Reorder on the top-right corner to reorder your project tasks or steps. Click on Done when you're done re-arranging.

    Tip: Just write down every small task that needs to be done one-by-one. Don't worry too much about the order of the steps required. You can re-order them later.

  5. Swipe left to delete any steps you don't need.

    Note: You can't delete tasks with sub-tasks in it directly. You have to delete all the sub-tasks first to delete the main task.

  6. Add End Date* to each task. You have to type this in manually for each task and this is intentional. Manual input helps in two things, you'll remember the end dates better and you can also be creative in how you use it.

    For example: A "project" can also be a simple "To-do-list" and the End Date could be the order number of items (like 0, 1, 2.. etc) or a specific time (like 8.30 am, 10.30 am, etc) during the day .

    Example 2: In a team project, you can also use the End Date field to add Member Names responsible for a specific task. The End Date would be optional in this case.

  7. Take a "top-down" approach to tasks. When you Add task, it is automatically added to the top of task list. So when you re-order tasks, arrange them so that the first task that needs to be done is at the bottom and the last one closer to the goal.
  8. Click on Team to add your team members. This is optional. You can also add members later.
  9. Click on Rewards to set-up rewards on completion of the project. This is also optional, you can add these later.
  10. Click on Finish. Hurray! you've just set-up your first project!

    Note 1: If you've added team members, you'll be prompted to send "Email Invites" first and then the project is created. In case, you cancel or skip this, you can always re-send invites to added team members again later when you're editing the project.

    Note 2: Team members will not be able to participate in the project unless they click on the invite link received via your email invite.

  11. *Important: Clymb app does not send reminders on End Dates for goals, tasks or sub-tasks. They are merely for your reference. The intention is to shift your focus away from the deadlines and more towards your work. The app, however, does send daily reminders to motivate you to work on your project and update your progress. So don't worry too much about deadlines. Stay busy.

Invite your team

A project with a great team significantly improves accountability, speed, and your ability to achieve your goal.

Team Set-up
  1. If you are the project creator, you will be automatically added to the team. You can set your Role in the project (Ex: Team Lead, Founder, etc) as required. If you don't set it, your project role will automatically be set to "Project Manager" by default.
  2. Click on Add member to add your team members. Provide Name, Email, and Role for each new member added.

    Member profile photos will be automatically added when they join your project.

    Tip: Add your mentors, investors, partners or even your friends to your team. They'll help you stay motivated, focused, and be accountable at every step of the project. Working alone requires very high motivation, having a team makes it easy.

  3. If the email address of any team member added is incorrect or if you wish to remove a team member from the project, Swipe Left to delete the team member first. Then click on Add Member again and type in the correct details (in case of wrong entry).
  4. Click on Done on the top-right corner or at the bottom when you're done adding your team. You will be re-directed to the main project screen on completion.
  5. Important: You can optionaly make any of your Team Members an Admin of the project (in project Edit Mode and only after Team member has joined the project). Team admins will have the same rights as the project creator and will be able to edit or delete project details, add or delete other team members, and set-up project rewards. Choose wisely.

Add Rewards

It's very important to set rewards on completion of the project. Good rewards will keep you and your team motivated and excited.

Reward Set-up
  1. Click any of the 🍺, 🎁, 💵, 🍕, 🏆, ✈️ reward icons to choose your own rewards. Add your own details if needed and click on Add Reward. Tip: Find out what excites your team members and set-up rewards accordingly. Be creative!
  2. Add as many awards as you wish. You can also delete rewards added by Swiping Left

    Note:To edit rewards, you need to delete it by swiping left first and then add it again.

  3. Click on Done on the top-right corner or at the bottom when you're done adding rewards. You will be re-directed to the main project screen on completion.
  4. Important: Rewards set-up within the project are only symbolic and an understanding between the project creator and the team. Clymb app is in no way involved in dispensing these rewards at the end of the project.

Join an existing project

You can only join a project through an official invite via email by the project creator.

Project access
  1. Click on the link provided in your email invite.
  2. If you've already installed the Clymb app, the project should automatically show-up in your project-list dashboard upon cliking on the email link. If the app is not installed, you will be re-directed to the App Store to download the app and the project will show-up in your project-list dashboard after you install the app.
  3. Important: If the project does not show up in your dashboard for any reason, please click on the link in email invite once again and check if the project shows up. If not, please contact for assistance.

Update Progress

Creating your project helps you set the path towards your goal. But you have to work at it everyday to actually get there.

Clymp app sends you daily reminders every morning to help you get cracking at your goal. You will also receive a reminder every evening to record your progress for the day. Updating progress regularly helps you stay focused on your goal, utilize time better, and keep your team members updated about the work done.

Posting an Update
  1. Click on Show Progress in your project on your project-list dashboard.
  2. By default, the first task (starting from the bottom of project-task list) is displayed. You can easily change this to any task of you wish by clicking Change Task on the top-right corner of the navigation bar.
  3. Enter your progress update for the task and click on Update. By default, every new update will added to the top of the list so that the latest update is easily accessible.

    Tip: Click on 📷 to add a photo-update instead of a text-update. You can also share clickable links to your work or other web-links.

    Note: A new update will display both, the date-of-update and the name of the member who posted the update.

  4. Important: Do not use the Show Progress screen to post generic information. You can make use of the Group Chat feature to do that.

Chat with your Team

Have a quick conversation with your team on project updates, new information, or generic discussions. Good communication is essential for getting the job done. If it's not a project update, then group-chat is where you can share your information.

Having a conversation

There are two places where you will find the blue chat-icon for a project.

  1. The first blue chat-icon is shown next to your project in the main screen (project-list dashboard).
  2. The second blue chat-icon is shown on the Update Progress screen that you see after you click on Show Progress for your project.
  3. Click on the blue chat-icon at either of these two places to visit your group-chat screen for the project. Happy chatting!
  4. Important: Only the most recent chat conversations are displayed. Older conversations will be automatically archived.

Edit your project

More often than not, plans change, deadlines change, and teams change throughout the course of a project. It's good to be flexible.

Clymb app lets you easily edit your project details whenever required*.

Editing options
  1. Swipe left against your project name on your project-list dashboard (main screen). Option to edit or delete your project will be presented. Click on the Pencil-icon to edit the project.

    Note: If you click on the Trash-icon the project will be deleted from your project-list dashboard. However, your other team members (if added) will continue to have access to the project. Also, if you've accidentally deleted your project, please contact to help you restore it.

  2. In the "Edit Mode", you can add, reorder, or delete tasks or sub-tasks just as you would while creating a new project.

    Note: By default, a project will be in "locked-mode" when you or a team member (admin) is editing the project. This is to avoid overlap and possible errors. The project get automatically "unlocked" ater you click Done or Finish or navigate back to the project-list dashboard.

    Click on Done or Finish after you finish editing your project.

  3. You can also click on Team to add or remove team members from your project just as you would when you invite your team. When you add a new team member in "Edit Mode" you will prompted to send "Email Invite" immediately after you click on Done or Send Invites. You will then be re-directed to the project-task screen once the email is sent.

    Note: In "Edit Mode", you can also click on Re-send invite to team members you've invited earlier (if they haven't joined yet or haven't received an invite). You will again be prompted to send the "Email Invite" specifically to that member.

  4. You can also click on Rewards to add or remove rewards from your project just as you would when you set-up rewards for your project. Click on Done on the Rewards screen to head back to the main project-task page.

    Note: In "Edit Mode", editing Team or Rewards has no direct impact on the project-task list itself. They are updated independently. So even if you did not click Done or Finish on the project-task list screen after editing Team or Rewards, changes made will still reflect.

  5. *Important: Only project creators and admins can edit projects, tasks, teams, and rewards. An active subscription is also a requirement to edit projects after the 7 day free-trial-period.

App Settings

Manage your subscription

After your 7 day free-trial-period you will need an active subscription to add or edit new projects.

Purchasing the subscription
  1. Click on the ⚙️ icon on the main screen (project-list dashboard) to view the Settings screen.
  2. Click on Manage Subscription. Depending on your region, a Monthly subscription plan will be displayed in your local currency.
  3. Move the slider in the Monthly plan row from left to right to make the Purchase. You will be notified once the purchase is successful or if the purchase has failed for some reason. The slider will remain in the active state until you cancel your subscription.
  4. Upon successful purchase, you will be able to add or edit projects as necessary. Your subscription will also auto-renew automatically every month and your card will be charged 24 hours before the current subscription period ends.
  5. Important: You cannot cancel your auto-renewable subscription directly in the app. You will have to do that only through your account settings in iTunes. Move your active slider in your Monthly subscription plan from right to left and you'll be re-directed to your iTunes account. You can then proceed to cancel the subscription from there if you wish. Please note that you will have to cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to your current subscription period (check your iTunes account settings).

Edit your Profile Information

Profile Settings
  1. Click on the ⚙️ icon on the main screen (project-list dashboard) to view the Settings screen.
  2. To change your profile photo, click on the image above your display name. Choose a photo from Photo Library or your Camera to update your profile photo. You might have to allow access to your photo-library or your camera the first time you do this.
  3. Click on Edit Profile to update personal details.
  4. Enter your details and click on Done. Changes will be reflected in your Settings screen, your project team, project updates and chat screens. However, please note that older project-updates and chat messages may still display your old details.

Change your Password

Login Settings
  1. Click on the ⚙️ icon on the main screen (project-list dashboard) to view the Settings screen.
  2. Click on Change Password.
  3. Move the slider right to reset your password. An email link to change your password will be autmatically sent to your registered email id. You will also be signed out of the app immediately for re-authentication.
  4. Click on the link sent to your registered email id and change your password. Use the new password to login to your account.

Manage notifications

Notification Settings
  1. Click on the ⚙️ icon on the main screen (project-list dashboard) to view the Settings screen.
  2. Click on Manage Notifications.
  3. Move one or more sliders to the left to de-activate respective notifications.
  4. You can also de-activate all notifications but turning off All Notifications.
  5. Recommendation: Please keep your Push notifications active so you won't miss chats and updates from your team members.

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